The Kable Principle in the Draft Federal Constitution

AACL Event

The South Australian Chapter of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law is pleased to present

Professor Greg Taylor, Adelaide Law School, The University of Adelaide, speaking on

The Kable Principle in the Draft Federal Constitution

Chair: Wilfrid Prest, Professor Emeritus of History and of Law, The University of Adelaide

The Commonwealth Constitution almost contained a ‘judicial incompatibility clause’ akin to the Kable principle. This seminar outlines the history of this clause, including the personal feud that led to it, and asks: what motivated the proponents and defenders of this clause? How did its opponents, colonial legislatures and the public at large view this proposal? Why was it finally deleted? And what, if anything, does this episode say about the legitimacy of today’s doctrines protecting judicial power?

Date: Tuesday 24th October 2017
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
Venue: Pilgrim Hall, 12 Flinders St, Adelaide