AACL Council


President: The Hon Virginia Bell AC SC
Vice-President: Mr Stephen McDonald SC
Secretary: Professor Luke Beck
Treasurer: Associate Professor Scott Stephenson

Ordinary Members of the Council

Dr Brendan Lim
The Hon Alan Robertson SC
Associate Professor Rebecca Ananian-Welsh
Associate Professor Murray Wesson
Associate Professor Tamara Tulich
Mr Andrew Buckland

The Council of the Association is elected biennially. 
The current Council term is effective from 1 January 2023.


The Queensland Government steam yacht Lucinda, on board which the drafting sub-committee (Griffith, Kingston, Barton and Inglis Clark) completed the first draft of the Australian Constitution for the 1891 Constitutional Convention  

State and Territory Chapter Conveners

The current State and Territory Chapter Conveners are:

ACT: Olivia Ronan and Arlette Regan 
NSW: Celia Winnett and Shipra Chordia 
NT: Lachlan Peattie
QLD: Felicity Nagorcka
SA: Stephen McDonald SC
TAS: (vacant)
VIC: Luke Beck and Brendan Gogarty 
WA: Murray Wesson and Phoebe Galbally