CCCS/ART Inaugural Lecture: Integrity in Parliament - Where Does Duty Lie?

Tuesday, 11 October, 2011 - 17:30 to 18:30

The public rightly demands honesty and integrity in our parliamentary representatives. But how difficult is it in practice for a parliamentarian to maintain his or her integrity, given the often intense pressure from all quarters: constituents, interest groups, colleagues, the public service, the media, and not to forget, the family? Based on twenty years experience in Federal Parliament, serving in both houses, mostly at senior levels both in government and opposition, Fred Chaney provides an intriguing insight into the difficult choices facing even the most robust parliamentarian in the course of everyday political life.

Before entering the Senate in 1974 Mr Chaney practiced law in Western Australia and Papua New Guinea. Since retiring from parliament in 1993 he has served as a Member and later Deputy President of the National Native Title Tribunal, Co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia Limited and Chancellor of Murdoch University. He is currently Chair of Desert Knowledge Australia.

Venue: Theatre G08, Melbourne Law School