The Williams Case

Monday, 13 August, 2012 - 17:30 to 19:00
New South Wales

This paper will focus on the forthcoming decision of the High Court in Williams v Commonwealth (S307/2010): [2011] HCATrans 198. The decision is expected to traverse the nature of the Commonwealth's executive power (s 61), the appropriation powers (ss 54, 81 and 83), the corporations power (s 51(xx)), the 'benefits' power (s 51(xxiiiA)) and the religious freedom guarantee (s 116). Further details will be supplied once the High Court delivers its reasons for judgment.

Speaker: Professor Geoffrey Lindell AM (Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Adelaide and Professorial Fellow in Law, University of Melbourne)

Commentators: Professor Simon Evans (University of Melbourne) and Dr Nicholas Seddon

Chair: Professor Denise Meyerson ( Macquarie University)

Venue:  Court 18A, Federal Court

Address: Queens Square Sydney 2000 NSW


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