Constitutional Centre (WA) Lecture Series 2012: Complex Laws in Legal Practice: Statutory Interpretation for Practitioners Joint venture between The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia, the AACL and UWA Law School

Wednesday, 30 May, 2012 - 18:00 to 19:30
Western Australia

*This seminar is free, however bookings are essential.

Given the volume of legislation produced by Australian parliaments each year, is legal practise bereft of  the common law? Indeed, the High Court's 'Malaysian Solution' Case, Plaintiff M70/2011 and Momcilovic case, illustrate the real world importance and complexity of legislation and statutory interpretation. This twilight seminar will adopt a practical perspective focussing on three important areas of statutory interpretation; judicial approaches to the legislative text; recent changes to Interpretation Acts and the reality of advising clients and crafting statutory arguments for litigation.

Chair: Justice Ken Martin

View from the Bench: Justice James Edelman - Uncommon interpretative techniques Academic Perspective; Jacinta Dharmaranda - Recent amendments Barrister's Perspective; Peter Quinlan SC Panel discussion, Q & A

Venue: The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia

Address: 40 Havelock Street, West Perth (Parking is available on site)

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Contact: Betty O'Rourke 08-6552 6222