AACL welcomes Student Members

The Australian Association of Constitutional Law was formed in 1998 as a forum for scholars and practitioners of constitutional law throughout Australia. It has some 300 members, drawn from the judiciary, practising solicitors and barristers, academics and now students.

We encourage anyone with an interest in constitutional law to become a member and especially note that, following changes to the AACL Rules, we can now welcome student members. 

Details of membership can be found here and the membership form is here

Members receive access to the AACL newsletter, which includes: details of the most recent High Court and other Australian court decisions concerning constitutional issues, decisions of a selection of other national superior courts, blog posts, publications and events. 

Members are also welcome to propose and attend AACL events. Our activities are a way to build and maintain a strong community of constitutional law scholars, practitioners and students. 

The objectives of the AACL are to:

  • develop and promote the discipline of constitutional law in Australia
  • support teaching, research and the practice of the law which relates to the discipline
  • provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information between practitioners, teachers and other interested persons regarding the discipline
  • increase public awareness and understanding of the discipline
  • liaise with other bodies in the promotion of any of the above objects

We welcome any feedback and comments as to how we can continue to meet those objectives.

Please feel free to contact the AACL Secretary with any queries: Elisa Arcioni, elisa.arcioni@sydney.edu.au (Associate Professor of Public Law, University of Sydney Law School).